Bridal gowns inspired by delicate white flowers for that regal feeling. The Fleur Blanche 2018 Wedding Collection was designed to eternalize your special moment.

This #FleurBlanche bridal piece made from exquisite elements will make you feel exceptional on your special day. Inspired by delicate white flowers, this gown includes rich amount of tulle, which flows smoothly and keeps your body in shape. It also features ostrich feathers and rainbow Swarosvki stones to elevate this look to new heights.

A classic and lavish piece made from the finest fabrics that will make you feel and look glamorous. This piece made from duchess satin fabric is popular for dressing stylish and elegant women. Also includes Swarovski stones, known for its brilliance and value. One cannot replace the luxurious feel of this piece

A classic wedding piece with a heavy amount of luxury, elegance and royalty. This white flower inspired piece made from the very delicate Peau De Soie fabric will give you that smooth feel.

RAVISHING is the perfect way to describe this #FleurBlanche Chynna Mamawal bridal piece. Crafted with chiffon fabric that will give you this suave and light feeling. With detailed flowers and Swarovski stones this piece will surely influnce everyone.

A modern update on a classic wedding piece is what makes this dazzling and sensational, perfect for every bride. A classic piece made from gazar fabric, Swarovski stones to add sparkle, and embroidered laces to give elegance to this classic piece.

© Chynna Mamawal Atelier