Chynna Mamawal dominates Vancouver Fashion Week with Filipino excellence

April 15th, 2023, Vancouver, Canada — CHYNNA MAMAWAL is one of the most anticipated designers to grace the Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the Fall-Winter 2023 Season. The world is about to see exceptional Filipino talent as she showcases her creations with whimsical, modern, and elegant looks. She incorporates intricate beadwork with luxurious silhouettes that promote Philippine fashion on the international spectrum.

Vancouver Fashion Week exhibits forty-one shows dedicated to cultivating the success of both established and emerging designers in a highly multicultural approach. Since its conception in 2001, the event propels the global exposure of its most promising designers all around the world. Chynna Mamawal is a young designer who sets out to show off the beauty of Filipino art with her Fall-Winter 2023 Collection.

“I would like to showcase Filipino fashion and art in the global scene. It’s proudly Filipino. We’re not just representing Chynna Mamawal as a designer and as a brand, we’re also representing the Philippines. Everyone on the team is a Filipino, everyone. We want to showcase every kind of Filipino talent.”

Chynna Mamawal brings her vision to life with her Fall-Winter 2023 Collection, a compilation of her legacies through artistic sheer, intricate beadwork, and outstanding tailoring. She presents her collection through a heavenly arrangement of hues, exhibiting the features of Filipino art.

A long-sleeved full-length sheer elegance flows through with ornate beading twinkling underneath the lights. The sheerness gives an illusion of simplicity and modesty with an allure for grandiosity and splendor.

An asymmetric shoulder full-length sophistication follows with beadwork gathering upward by the bodice with a stunning sash flowing downward. Then, a hint of delicateness shows through with the feathery enrichment.

A continuation of the mirage of simplicity comes in the form of a three-piece suit, marked with an overlay of strips and glittery streaks. Added with a brand legacy of sheerness for the bow, tying the uninterrupted dark regalia together.

The strips of shimmer continue with a tea-length silver charmer added with plume lashes on the shoulder and crystalline teardrops flowing downward. A bequest of feathers gathers by the end, creating a collocation for affluence and austerity.

Keeping up with the impression of simplicity, a double-breasted three-piece suit gleams with unadorned lustrousness. The sheen of glimmer remains on the unwrinkled radiance, a unique approach to the regularity of the common suits.

Juxtaposing the earlier ensemble, a complex artistry follows with tufts of petal-like adornments settled above the bodice. Glittering luminescence envelopes its entirety with the corollas seemingly falling and gathering at the bottom.

A phenomenal brand exemplary pervades with sheer, beadwork, and feathers, continuing the display of modesty. The long-sleeved full-length edges downward with luminous shades of nude with fern-like Lichtenbergs gracing the arms and the clavicle.

A double-breasted three-piece leather-like finery wonders down as another idiosyncratic approach to the usual run-of-the-mill suits. Structured and composed, the fabric glimmers with radiant splendor and elegance.

The sheer continues but the illusion of simplicity halts with a sultry nude number, glittered with shimmering crystalline strips. The full-length allure entices with a deep neckline and a silky appendage anchored by the waist.

A three-piece magnificence saunters with the symphonic gentleness of the vivid magenta, a breach to the earlier garbs. Still, it continues to gleam underneath the light with a seemingly sprinkled sparkling sheen.

A monarchical grandeur promenades with monumental layers, continuing the brand bequest of beadwork by the bodice. Appended with a voluminous bow at the back, presenting with regality and luxuriousness.

The last regalia elicits gasps of awe as the vividness of the hue juxtaposes the mellowness and tenderness of the layered tulle. The finery pulchritude becomes the belle of the show, ending it with a certain splendor of opulence.

As one of the Philippines’ top fashion designers and style experts, Chynna Mamawal raises the fashion world’s standards. And, she will continue to do so as she breaks the glass ceiling with her international debut at the Vancouver Fashion Week.

© Chynna Mamawal Atelier