Wedding suits for the modern groom. The Fleur Blanche 2018 Wedding Collection was designed to eternalize your special moment.

A timeless classic made with precision perfect for the noble. Hand crafted with pure wool from Milan, Italy. This suit will surely excite everyone on that special day.

“Manners maketh man” and also this astounding double breasted piece for the gallant. Made with cashmere wool from Milan, Italy this luxurious fiber is finer and softer than any other wool. Nothing else seems to come close to this in terms of luxury.

This Tailored fit suit is all about elegance and refinement. This piece serves to flatter your physique. With cashmere wool from Hong Kong to add more luxury and have this astonishing feels.

Blue Pinhead Suit for the modern groom because simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction. This sharp suit was handcrafted to the highest standards. Made purely from wool, this piece will give you that comfort and elegant look.

© Chynna Mamawal Atelier