Design Vision

Taking sartorial cues inspired by her travels, Chynna Mamawal learned early on that her designs and her styling must, one day, ooze sheer femininity and sophistication. As a designer with a meticulous eye for detail, she constructs each and every piece with high value–may it be a bold slit on a gown or a delicately placed bow. In her own words: “My only intent is to provide women with what they truly deserve: The best.”

Much like the designer herself, a Chynna Mamawal woman is headstrong, determined, and has the capability to carry herself independently through achieving her goals in life. An original and unlike any other, the Chynna Mamawal creation steals the scene instead of blending in the crowd. She naturally stands out.

With a thirst for knowledge, the initiative to keep learning, and a mind bursting with imagination, Chynna Mamawal as a fashion designer is fearless and unstoppable.